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INSIDER SECRETS EXPOSED:  Kytka Hilmar-Jezek, The Ghostwriter to the Guru's Tells All!

If you want to write a book but have been overwhelmed or unsure how to begin, then this is the book for you. Book Power got my book written, to #1 Bestseller, #1 Top Rated and #1 Hottest New Release in just weeks and it has changed my business dramatically. Book Power finally puts the power into your hands. Get it now!

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What The Experts Are Saying:

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    Yanik Silver

    Yanik Silver is an entrepreneur, author, and well-known digital marketing expert. Silver is the founder of Maverick Business Adventures, an invitation-only club for high net worth and adventurous entrepreneurs.

    "Having a book is your ticket to creating more powerful expert status, authority and positive branding. It's something most people think are beyond them. It's not. Book Power provides not only the strategic thought process of the WHY's, but also many of the nuts and bolts to get it done now instead of putting it off. You can turn writing your own book into a game worth winning..."

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    Louis Lautman

    Louis Lautman is an International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Young Entrepreneur Society and Creator of The Yes Movie.

    “Book Power is just that, a book that shows you the power of your book beyond your book. Learn how to build a platform from your book, brand and position yourself for greater reach, impact, profits and success. Kytka does what she does best here and that is help you WIN!”

  • Willie Crawford

    Joint Venture Broker, Mentor and International Speaker

    “Most people don’t seem to sufficiently appreciate the authority that writing your own book delivers, or the exponential leverage that branding adds to your results. Those who do, often give up on the idea of writing a book, because it seems like such a monumental task! In Book Power, Kytka, skillfully steers you through these processes, making it not only painless, but actually fun write a book and build your brand.”

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So What’s The Book About?

It's about writing your book quickly and taking it to #1 and exposing industry secrets to give you the advantage. Some say a book is the new business card, others say it's the new lead generation tool. We know that a book tells customers that you are the expert and showing up on Amazon is a lot more powerful for your brand than spending money on SEO for Google! Write and publish your book fast in a gamified way using industry secrets rarely discussed. After reading Book Power, you can have your bestseller in your hands in a matter of weeks!

Awesome Benefits From Reading This Book:

Writing  Your Book You Will...
  1. GAIN INSTANT CREDIBILITY. It's a fact, published authors gain more respect, can claim higher fees and have more visibility.
  2. OPEN DOORS TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES.  A book is THE tool to get your foot in the door and bring attention to your message.
  3. HARNESS THE POWER OF AMAZON.  Finally you will learn how to harness the power of Amazon, the greatest retail giant on Amazon so your content will be seen. Use Amazon as a search engine and optimize your book in a way that will drive more leads than pay per click or search engine optimization. Stop wasting money trying to drive traffic and let them do it for you. Understand the power of Amazon's massive ecommerce empire and use it to drive pre-qualified traffic, bring more dollars to your business and more clients to your door.
  4. HAVE IT DONE FAST AND EASY.   With my simple gamified process, your book can be finished in as little as a week and be out there working for you. Most of my clients also become BESTSELLERS with the information they learned in this book.

About The Author


Kytka Hilmar-Jezek wrote and published her first book in 1992. Since then she has written a dozen bestsellers as well as many others for her clients. Over the past 20+ years she has written over 1500 articles, created over 200 websites and she continues to speak and present internationally on the importance of sharing your message.

Kytka is known as "Ghostwriter to the Gurus" because of the many authors whose books she has written. Her authors, clients and students consistenly get Amazon Bestseller status as well as #1 Top Rated and #1 Hottest New Release.

She offers bestseller engineering, full "done for you" ghostwriting services as well as promotions and Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) for existing authors to boost their books visibility through Bestseller Authority and Top Recommended Bestseller.. She has also created Book Power Academy, an online training program for the DIY (do it yourself) crowd.

She is the Founder and CEO of Distinct Press.

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